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The pCon workshops

We’ll introduce new ideas for interior design professionals. We’ll inspire and energize you with actionable take aways.

Each workshop will take about 20 minutes and will be focused on a specific theme. It’s a fantastic learning opportunity wrapped on a easy to digest format! The four different workshops will rotate during the five days of the fair – at 10:00 and 15:00.

The workshops will take place at the Cassina stand at Orgatec on Hall 10.2 Stand P010 N011. You’ll have to register to participate, get in touch with your Cassina contact.



Untap efficiencies with Cassina’s configurable data

Discover how Cassina’s configurable product data can provide your interior design and sales teams the possibility to untap process efficiencies allowing your company to improve response times, reduce errors and increase overall project quality. Configurable data allows your organization to implement groundbreaking digital transformation processes.

We’ll show you the most important steps and best practices in product configuration, including for modular products such as Mex Hi and Infinito.

  • Tuesday 25/10 at 10:00

  • Thursday 27/10 at 10:00

  • Saturday 29/10 at 10:00



Power to the sales teams

The sales role requires constant movement and communication with customers, partners and the design team. Discover how to use Cassina product data on the go with pCon.facts to enhance your sales communication and to create high-level sales experiences.


pCon.facts is a powerful, yet simple to use, application for your smartphone or tablet. The app was developed to answer the specific needs of the sales teams - specify products, check prices, generate custom images, access documents, share personalized 3D geometries, amaze with augmented reality and much more.

  • Tuesday 25/10 at 15:00

  • Thursday 27/10 at 15:00

monitor planner.jpg


Create quick
realistic renders

Generating realistic representations of your projects ensures complete customer comprehension and increases the emotional level, which improves the chances of successfully closing a sales opportunity. Creating high quality renders shouldn’t take hours, break the budget and be accessible only to a few chosen ones.

Discover how with pCon.planner this process is much simpler, without compromising the quality. Discover the main tricks and best practices on how to create realistic still life and studio renders with Cassina’s products. Make sure your team masters this crucial interior design skill!

  • Wednesday 26/10 at 10:00

  • Friday 28/10 at 10:00



Improve your project communication with AR

Give customers a great experience, and they’ll buy more, be more loyal and share their experience with friends and colleagues. Augmented reality (AR) has the power to make your customers feel special, valued and empowered. AR is the overlaying of digital models onto reality to create an augmented perception of the world.

Thanks to AR, freshly configured 3D models from Cassina can be realistically inserted into the customer's space. Integrate AR into your sales processes to deliver innovative shopping experiences and win over undecided customers. You’ll learn best practices, the benefits of creating AR experiences and how to integrate them seamlessly into your instore, online and field sales business processes.

  • Wednesday 26/10 at 15:00

  • Friday 28/10 at 15:00

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